North Carolina Traffic law is not the most complicated area of the law; however, mistakes in this area can be very expensive. Optimal outcomes depend on a number of variables including, but not limited to, past driving record, driving record of family (household) members, offense(s) charged, state of licensure, county of citation and individual objectives.

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Therefore, hiring an attorney is a decision based on a simple “cost benefit” analysis. Is the cost of hiring an attorney to handle my traffic ticket, or other criminal violation, worth the cost that I will pay that individual? Alternatively, is the risk of not hiring a qualified attorney greater than the legal fee charged?

Of course the answer to this question depends on the financial situation of the individual charged with the criminal offense, the skills that the attorney brings to bear, and the derived benefit that the accused will receive. The variables that go into making these decisions vary from person to person and offense to offense.

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While we cannot address the individual financial situation of the individuals who are reading this, we will attempt to outline some of the other considerations. Any attorney you hire should, at a minimum, have experience, know the local county rules, procedures and personnel, provide responsive service, and deliver the services and a competitive rate.

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